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Our sidewalk signs are the best tools for getting your message out! Sidewalk signs, such as a-frame signs and sandwich boards, help advertise your products or services by posting information at ground level. We supply a wide range of outdoor sidewalk signs for every environment and all budgets. The a-frame signs, sidewalk signs attract passersby with tempting specials or simply help to direct people at outdoor events. These portable sandwich boards are the sidewalk signs most people order for adding a little free advertising to their storefront. Why not take advantage of all that outdoor sidewalk space out in front of your establishment?

Sidewalk signs come in many portable styles and almost all of them are double-sided. We sell sidewalk signs with easy-open snap-frames. Swap out posters by flipping up the frame edges to access your posting, then snap the sides closed for a quick and easy change. Sandwich boards with fillable bases provide extra stability in windy conditions, while molded a-frame signs made from polyethylene are virtually indestructable. Write-On a-frame signs are perfect for restaurants and cafes looking to sell food specials. We provide these well known a-frame signs in white or black markerboards. Our changeable letter boards, sidewalk signs, are best for posting information to potential customers and patrons in a more professional manner. The large changeable letters are easily seen by passing cars. Signshops can take advantage of supplying their customers with our blank A-frame signs and sign boards. Treat them as "stock" signs with their low pricing!

These sandwich boards are affordable, portable, and reusable. Posting advertisements and promotions has never been so easy yet so fun at the same time. Create custom outdoor messages on the sidewalk for promoting services or display daily menus in a way that reflects your establishment's decor. Whether they're artistic or straightforward, your outdoor messages will be seen by the people you are trying to reach: Customers! By implementing portable sidewalk signs into your sales arsenal, the hard "sell" won't be so hard after all!
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 Rugged Polyethylene SignProduct Spotlight : Tough Plastic Sign for Posters

December 3rd, 2010

Sidewalk signs manufactured from durable plastic are good choices for tough environments. The plastic used for this particular sign is polyethylene, the same kind of polymer used in milk jugs (and we all know how tough those are). Able to stand up to use as well as abuse, these sidewalk signs provide dependable service in construction zones, parking lots, and streets. The plastic will not crack, rust, or splinter, making it an ideal candidate for more rugged applications.

This model is double-sided and comes with (2) Sintra® sign boards for supporting your posters and (2) non-glare lenses to help keep them dry. The sign is sized for standard 22" x 28" graphics which insert into the frame in seconds. Lightweight for easier portability, the sign also features a comfortable carrying handle molded into the top. Like most A-Frame signs, the unit folds flat when not in use or for storage, helping to reduce its footprint. We sell many more versions of this model so feel free to browse through the entire polyethylene product line to choose the right product for your application.

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 Black Marker BoardProduct Spotlight : Black Sidewalk Sign with Markers

November 19th, 2010

Do you greet your customers at the door every morning? As much as we try to do so, distractions can occur that prevent us from doing it. An outdoor sidewalk sign can greet customers before they enter by extending a welcoming message or by enticing them to enter and try the delicious new soup special. Customers can step foot inside your establishment already knowing what they want to buy. This sort of greeting is advantageous, isn't it? Would you like to know more? makes it their business to stock these advertising tools for store owners. This model is a great addition to any food-service establishment like bistros, cafes, and restaurants. We wouldn't limit its use to these sorts of places but they tend to be the most popular applications. The black writing surface accepts neon-colored markers (6 are included with purchase) and the frame features solid red oak with a clear polyurethane finish. Each side measures 24" x 36" and the unit folds flat when not in use. This sidewalk sign would be a handsome addition to your storefront, just the thing to welcome a potential patron off the street.

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